Getting Custom Granite and Granite Slabs in Toronto

Where Can I Get Custom Granite in Toronto?


Using granite and granite slabs has become an increasingly popular trend in decorating, and there have been many granite and natural stone businesses popping up out of the woodwork offering to cater to this fashion. Unfortunately, it seems that just as many of these businesses are disappearing. You only have to check the online review pages to see that the obvious shortcoming of many retailers offering granite and granite slabs in Toronto has a lot to do with an evident lack of service.


This is why the best place to purchase your custom granite in Toronto is a place that consistently demonstrates pride in both service and product. Look for an importer and distributor that can offer you:

  • Experience in the industry – How long have they been in business? If a company has been providing service for decades, chances are they will be irrefutable experts in their field.
  • Superior service – Regardless of the size of your project, when you are shopping for granite slabs you are investing your money in a business. Quality granite retailers are appreciative of your business and want to make sure you have complete satisfaction every time you deal with them. This will be evident in all aspects of the business, from fair pricing to getting the granite or granite slabs you have purchased to any location in Toronto, or even Ontario, promptly and securely.

Why Should I Choose Custom Granite for My Toronto Design Project?

Whether you are seeking to improve the look of your home or business, you should choose custom granite for your Toronto design project because of granite's greatest benefit; durability! Granite and granite slabs are the most solid choice in terms of durability, as made evident by the following:
  • Place hot pans directly on the surface of your custom granite without worry about burning the surface.
  • Granite slabs can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degree Fahrenheit.
  • With proper care, a granite surface is virtually stain-proof.
  • Granite is low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Because heat is dispersed throughout granite's surface area, granite is non-combustible and it will not cause a fire.
  • Your granite will never scorch or blister, even if a boiling pot is placed directly on it.
  • Granite is scratch-resistant and most household knives can be used to cut meat and vegetables directly on the surface.
  • Unlike other materials, granite is not susceptible to stains caused by grease, oil or other dyes and chemicals, which allows the surface to look brand new for years.
  • Because of its smooth, scratch resistant surface, granite is less likely to harbour bacteria or other microbes.
  • All that is required to clean the surface is a little warm water and mild dishwashing detergent.

What Is Custom Granite?

Custom granite is an investment. When looking to renovate, build or redecorate in Toronto, few choices of material can be considered worth their cost. With granite and granite slabs, however, they do not lose their value over time and if you are considering putting your home or business on the market, custom granite elements can add to the resale value and be a great selling point for buyers. Granite is synonymous with luxury and it often becomes the central element of focus regardless of the location it is placed.
Start with service and end with a great product – custom granite for Toronto home design projects!